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Our modern RESTful API supports payments from all mobile platforms, including "native" in-app payments. We offer you all the tools you need to

  • Create an optimal payment experience.
  • Have maximum data security through your applications.


Our Swift SDK supports iOS 9.0 and up out-of-the-box

Read the documentation

Our native SDK for iOS supports iOS 9.0 and up out-of-the box.

Read the documentation

Our JavaScript SDK supports ECMAScript 3 and up out-of-the box. No external dependencies.

Read the documentation

Our native SDK for Android supports API level 16 and up. This means you can use it from Android 4.1 (JellyBean) is the lowest supported Android version.

Read the documentation

Our native Flutter SDK helps you communicate with the Client API. It supports iOS and Android.

Read the documentation

To understand how to use a SDK, have a look at the following documentation:

  • Mobile/Client Integration – familiarise yourself with various concepts
  • Client API Reference – the SDK wraps the Client API and (among other things) exposes the responses of the webservice calls as objects.
  • Understanding the Client API will help you understand these SDK objects as well
  • The SDK on GitHub – the SDK contains a working example application which can help you understand how the SDK is best used

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