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Our WooCommerce plug-in comes with regular updates and full integration support, offering a versatile out-of-the-box solution to accept online payments easily:

Keep an eye on our Release Notes to stay informed about updates and new features (i.e. payment methods, features, integration modes) we have added to this plugin!

Check out our documentation to learn how to link your store with our platform to profit from all these features!

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Create account

To process transactions with this plugin, you need an account on our platform.

This plugin works with both our test and live environment. A test account is a great way to get familiar with both the plugin and our platform. Once you want to go live, contact us!

Install plugin

The first step to use the plugin is the installation process. Before you proceed, make sure your infrastructure meets these system requirements:

Item Description
Plugin package

Download the plugin

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions credentials
PCI compliancy


The plugin’s in-built features ensure this security level, but you still need to get the certificate from your acquirer.

Once you have purchased the plugin, you will find a detailed installation wizard inside the package, guiding you through the installation process.

Configure plugin

After the installation, you need to configure the plugin to link your store to our platform.

  1. Login to the WooCommerce Back Office. Go to WooCommerce > Payments. Select "AG Worldline Hosted Checkout for WooCommerce" by clicking on the "Manage" button
  2. Configure the following settings:
    Property Description/Actions
    AG Worldline Hosted Checkout for WooCommerce

    Enable/Disable the plugin

    Set the flag to link your shop to our platform for test/live transaction processing.

    Title Select a title to appear on the shop's checkout page.
    Description Select a description to appear on the shop's checkout page.
    Merchant ID Enter the PSPID on our platform you want to use for transaction processing.
    API Key Enter the API key of your test or live PSPID. Read our dedicated guide to learn how to generate one.
    API Secret Enter the API secret of your test or live PSPID. Read our dedicated guide to learn how to generate one.
    Test mode (Un)Flag "Enable Test Mode" to link your shop to the respective environment. Depending on your selection, the shop module will send the transaction requests to the test or production environment.

    Define whether to process the transactions as authorisation mode or as direct sale. Select one of the following options:

    • "Authorize": The amount is only blocked on your customer's card. Successful transactions will have statusCode=5/status="PENDING_CAPTURE" /

      Use this mode when you wish to capture a transaction only after shipping the order). In the WooCommerece Back Office, the status will be "Completed".

    • Sale: The amount has been ordered to be paid out in one go. Successful transactions will have status="CAPTURED" /
      statusOutput.statusCategory="COMPLETED" /
      In the WooCommerece Back Office, the status will be "Processing".

    If "Operation" is set to "Authorization", make sure you capture authorised transaction later. Only then will the transaction reach statusCode=9, for which you receive the actual payment for the transaction.

    Accepted Cards Select the credit card payment methods available to your customers on our secure payment page. If left empty, all active payment methods in your PSPID are selectable.

Make sure to:

  • Not to mix up credential from test with live (property "Test mode") and vice versa when configuring fields “Merchant ID”/”API Key”/”API secret.
  • To unflag “Enable Test Mode” in property "Test mode" as soon as you have finished your tests.
  1. Click on "Save" to confirm your settings.

Manage payments

We have designed the plugin to follow-up on your orders automatically and autonomously, freeing you from the administration involved. Learn here how to use our plugin effectively which could help your business to thrive!

Perform maintenance operations

Captures, refunds and cancellations of authorisations are standard processes (maintenance operations) in your everyday business logic. Learn here how to perform these operations directly in the WooCommerce Back Office:

  1. Login to the WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerece > Orders. Click on the order in the table.
  2. In the order overview, click on one of the available buttons to cancel/capture/refund the order. Depending on the order’s status, the following buttons are available.
    Order status Available buttons
    statusOutput.statusCode=5 /
    • "Worldline Capture Payment": Capture the authorised amount to receive the funds for the order.
    • "Refund": Cancel the authorised amount.
    statusOutput.statusCode=9 /
    • "Refund": Reimburse the funds for the order.
  • This plugin will only process authorised transactions: The amount is only blocked on your customer's card. Successful transactions will have statusOutput.statusCode=5.
  • Therefore, make sure that you capture them later. Only then will the transaction reach statusOutput.statusCode=9, for which you receive funds.

Perform test transactions

Use our platform's test environment to make sure your plugin works as intended. We offer test data sets on our dedicated Test cases page. Target our test environment as described in the "Configure Plugin" section.

Make sure to switch to the LIVE environment as soon as you have finalised your tests.

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