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The content on this support site is also provided for customers in several different countries. This means that, in some cases, European terminology (e.g. VAT or value added tax), currency (Euros) or concepts may be used. These are examples only The Worldline Global Online Pay Support Site is also intended to focus on gateway/acceptance requirements and does not include all acquiring requirements. When reading the Worldline Global Online Pay Support Site, keep in mind that for your Merchant Facility, ANZ Worldline Payments Solutions is both the acquirer and provides the gateway/acceptance services. For this reason and due to the Worldline Global Online Pay Support Site's global audience, we ask you to note that not all content on the site will be relevant to your use of Worldline Global Online Pay here in Australia. Please refer to Merchant Operating Guides, instruction manuals and your Agreement for more detailed information applicable to your Worldline Global Online Pay Merchant Facility.

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions is a new partnership between ANZ and Worldline, Europe’s leading payment and transaction provider. The partnership brings together the strengths of both companies - ANZ’s trusted local expertise and industry oversight, and Worldline’s best-in-class, end-to-end payment solutions and global innovation.

Processing millions of online Transactions annually, we know payments and can help support your business goals with leading insights and solutions.

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