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Our platform allows you to configure the display order of card brands' logos during the payment process. This feature is particularly useful in cobranded card scenarios, where multiple brand logos may appear. This allows you to guide the selection process in a way matching with your business strategies or agreements with specific card brands.

This feature of brand ordering is available for both Hosted Checkout Page and Hosted Tokenization Page. However, for Hosted Checkout Page, it requires that groupCards is set to true.

Configuring Brand Order

Configure the order on the Hosted Checkout Page/Hosted Tokenization Page by addingcreditCardSpecificInput.paymentProductPreferredOrder to your CreateHostedCheckout/CreateHostedTokenization request. It accepts an array of paymentproductIds, corresponding to the card brands, sorted by decreasing order of preference.

paymentProductIds can be found in our payment methods overview.

Dynamic BIN Detection Interaction

The specified order interacts with our platform's dynamic BIN (Bank Identification Number) detection mechanism. When your customers enter their card number, our platform identifies possible matching card brands. Brands matching the BIN will be displayed on the Hosted Checkout Page/Hosted Tokenization Page. You define the order in which they are displayed in your request. The first card brand in the list is preselected, but customers can choose another brand from the list if they prefer.

Find detailed information about co-badging cards and BIN detection in our dedicated guide.

Default Behavior

Without paymentProductPreferredOrder, the default ordering ensures a logical arrangement based on the scope of card brands:

  • Private brands
  • Domestic brands
  • International brands

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